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  • The UAE has the most liberal trade regime in the Gulf. For the last 40 years, it has been an open economy with high per capita income and high annual trade surplus.
  • The UAE government is looking is to drive the economy through foreign investments and to help achieve that, they have revised their legal framework for foreign investors who are willing to start a business.
  • Dubai has world class infrastructure and amenities in terms of business parks, office spaces, warehousing, transportation, connectivity, and utilities.

Kamalaai Corporate Services is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their event experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference. we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. We always ensure that our clients are informed about the finer details of the assignments and both of us agree on the same point. we will always be 100% open and honest regarding any fees and charges.

A sole proprietorship:-

A sole proprietorship is an entity owned 100% by an individual, has control over all its operations and holds 100% shares to any profits. Similarly, any debts or financial duties will be liable to its owner.

Civil Company:-

Recognized professions such as surgeons, doctors, accountants, engineers and lawyers can open a Civil Company in UAE. As the company can have partners owning 100% shares, the activities allowed for the civil company can only be from professional businesses.

Limited Liability Company:-

LLC is one of the most popular forms of company registration in UAE, where minimum of 2 or maximum of 50 shareholders can invest-in and become liable only to extent of their shares individually – profit and loss is divided equally between parties.

Private Shareholding Company:-

Private Shareholding Firm, also known as Private Joint-Stock Company is formed through a minimum partnership of AED 2,000,000 from at least 3 investors.

Public Shareholding Company:-

Public Share Holding company is defined as a legal entity whose capital is a minimum of AED 10,000,000 with transferable shares of equal value with each shareholder liable only to the extent of their capital.

Free zone Company

Free Zone company is a multi-shareholder legal structure comprising of 2 to 5 stakeholders.

In simple terms a branch office is a dedicated outlet of a company. Types of Branch Offices

a). Foreign Company Branch

A Foreign company branch office is can be established in UAE with 100% ownership of the parent company.

b).UAE Company Branch

A UAE company branch is a basically an extension of a UAE–based company that expands it parameters by establishing a branch within UAE which undertakes one or more than one activities legislated in the main company license.

c). Free zone Company Branch

A free zone company branch originates from UAE’s free zone jurisdiction with the purpose to expand operations in other zones across UAE.

d). GCC Company Branch

Much like UAE company branch, a branch of a GCC-based company is allowed to undertake one or more than one activities as legislated in the main company license.

Mainland Company:-

The Ability of carrying your trading activities all over the Mainland without any restrictions. Major choice for all investors who want to have their office premises anywhere in the Mainland

> Free Zone Company:-

The ability of registering the company without a physical office. • The eligibility of obtaining 3 years residency visas. • The ability of opening a corporate bank account.

> The answer depends on the type of business you choose to set up and whether it will be based on UAE mainland or free zone. These are the two key factors that determines whether there is a need of sponsor to start a business.

> Local sponsor is a compulsory requirement if a foreign entrepreneur wish to establish his business in the UAE mainland. The sponsor should be a UAE national. But this is not in the case with free zones.

There are no corporate or personal taxes in the UAE. Companies will need to pay a 5% import duty if they wish to clear their goods from the port into the country.